Three biggest mistakes in e-commerce campaigns and how to solve it

You probably have read many guides on how to run campaigns for your e-commerce store and I don’t want to take another hour or two of your time. In less than 5 minutes you will know what type of campaigns you need to run to grow sales in your store! Not doing these campaigns is one of the most popular mistakes. I sort these campaigns by the revenue they could generate. So if you want to start — start from the top one.

1. Remarketing campaigns

A visitor comes to your site, learn about your products but leave before purchasing. Remarketing campaign displays your ads on sites & apps they visit later, bringing them back and keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Why it’s important?

  • you have already paid for the acquisition
  • those people already know your brand
  • a little trust is build
  • could be ready for purchase but something occurred during checkout (abandoned checkout recovery)

How to set it up in Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Create a custom audience based on traffic or engagement
  2. Create a new campaign “catalog sales”
  3. Create a separated ad set for each stage of the funnel. Those are top 6 audiences where you can easily get extra sales.
  • Visited website but didn’t purchase
  • View content (every page with Call To Action) but didn’t purchase
  • Added to cart but didn’t purchase
  • Engaged with videos
  • Engaged with Instagram
  • Engaged with Facebook

4. Use different copy based on the place of the funnel. Try to give good incentive (as a discount or free shipping) for people who added to cart but didn’t purchase.

5. Test different creative — single image ads, carousel ads, video ads to see which creative works best for your business.

6. Doing it this way you’re going to show products which visitors saw on your website.

7. Pro tip: try to do this campaign with Traffic objective.

2. Prospecting campaigns

The goal of this campaign is to get new visitors to your website. You constantly need new people floating to your store — that’s why you have to have prospecting campaigns in place

Why it’s important?

You know that the remarketing campaign is this campaign which makes you money. But you also know that you need a constant flow of new people to your website to have a remarketing bucket full of potential customers. There are many challenges you’re going to face doing prospecting campaigns. What type of campaign you should run, what type of objective do you want to promote, what about audiences, creative, copy? Let me help you with it.

How to set it up in Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Use Facebook Audience Insights to know your customers better. AI (Audience Insights) will show you who your customers are — they occupation, age, gender, websites they like.
  2. Create Lookalike audiences based on previous events like Purchase, add to cart, initiate checkout, content view (+ content view at least 2 times), top 25% time spent on the website)
  3. Create a new prospecting campaign. What type of objective should you select? Test it! Three main objectives to test: website conversion, traffic, catalog sales.
  4. Try to play with the manual bid to bully your competitors. If your average cost per event (like Purchase, landing page view etc) is 10$ — try with the double or triple amount (20 or 30$).
  5. Creative: start with something simple but don’t miss the video ads. Even simple slideshow video is better than no video.
  6. Copy: as above — start with something simple. You can always base copy on this article: 10 Best Copywriting Formulas.
  7. Plan experiment, write it down, run, analyze, optimize, test again. It might take you some time to find a good audience, creative & copy but when you’ll find it — scaling your Facebook Ads going to be much more effective.

3. Engagement campaigns

All ads in PPE (Post Per Engagement) campaign help me to find a good copy, good creative, good audiences and get good engagement on ads. How you can lower your cost of advertising it in a few simple steps? Let me show you.

Why it’s important?

The old and simple rules say: if you want to have cheap advertising — make your ads popular. But how to do it? You can either create viral videos or run a dedicated campaign to get engagement on ads. I like to call it “bucket of ads”.

How to set it up in Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Start a new campaign, as objective choose Post Per Engagement (PPE)
  2. Optimize for video views
    In each ad set test three ads (one video, one single image, and one carousel).
  3. Each ad set it’s a new, individual audience.
  4. You don’t need a high budget — a few dollars a day are enough to determine if the audience is interested in your product.
  5. Put more money behind the audience with the highest number of clicks and engagement. Stop those which performs badly.
  6. Copy ID of the ad and put it in other campaigns — that’s how you can start the fresh campaign but with an ad which has good engagement.

About author: Hi! Nice to see you here. I am the founder of where we focus on growing e-commerce stores working on Shopify. From time to time I am writing about our strategies, tactics, failures and successes. Hope to see you here more often.